Hopefully you will find an answer to your question here in the FAQ section. Contact me if your question isn’t answered here and I will try my best to help.

Are the pictures of the actual items?

Yes. I don’t want anyone to be disappointed or feel misled by any descriptions or photos.

Are you a business or private seller?

At the moment I am a private seller. If this goes well, I may begin buying stock to sell, in which case I would be operating as a sole trader and I would indicate it clearly on the site.

Do you have a physical shop?

No, I don’t have a physical shop. I am selling my collection from my home in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

How much is postage?

Technically it’s free. In reality it’s included in the price for the sake of simplicity.

I have an idea for improving your website, where do I send it?

Please send any comments to me via the contact form. I’m eager to get someone other than myself critiquing the website. Please bear in mind that this is not a business and some changes might not be feasible to implement.

I haven’t received an order confirmation email

It could be in your spam folder. If it isn’t, contact me and I will resend the confirmation email.

I live outside the UK, can I order from you?

I ship to the United Kingdom only. I might extend this to countries in the EU in the future. Send me your complaints using the contact form if you want to speed this up.

I want to sell my collection, will you buy it?

I’m not in the financial position to buy more games right now, sorry.

I’m a local, can I collect from you?

Maybe. In the off-chance you’re in Belfast, you could collect your order if it was arranged in advance. Please use the contact form if you wish to do so.

What do the condition ratings mean?

That is a tough question. The reality is that it is my own judgement based on the time I have spent building my collection. If you need more details on anything, contact me before placing your order.

Eventually I intend to include multiple pictures of each product to make it easier for you to tell.

What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

PayPal will let you checkout as a guest. This allows you to place an order without having to create an account.

What payment methods do you accept?

I only accept PayPal for online orders. If you arrange a collection, you can pay in cash.